About the Citizen Stylist director Dr Margo Barton.

Margo is a milliner, fashion designer and an award winning fashion educator having being awarded a New Zealand Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award for Sustained Excellence at the New Zealand Parliament House in 2007.

Her design practice and research focuses are twofold and converge often as she examines fashion from a design practitioner and from a viewer and wearer’s perspective, and with a keen eye on issues of ethical treatment of the fashion workforce. As a designer / maker, her fashion and millinery studio is located in analogue and digital spaces; a hybrid practice of crafting and sketching. Secondly Barton’s participatory art/design research explores fashion communication and cross cultural collaborations, including the discourse between the designer and the wearer and the opportunities and challenges that this dialogue promotes.

Barton is an experienced facilitator in the area of fashion design, photography and styling having created a series of shoots for the Shanghai Dunedin Sister City Project now in its 6th year and prior to that the Ute Shoot in 2008. Both of these previous projects are very much focused on individual designer’s looks, however through the participatory collaborative project Citizen Stylist, the opportunity to educate designers and also wearers on how their interactions may raise awareness of ethical fashion production and consumption.