Be a Citizen Stylist Designer

2019 project details coming soon


 who can participate as a designer?

  • students and recent graduates from a fashion or fashion related programmes

the small print

  • You must be 18+ years old.

  • Choose clothes and accessories which you are happy for other people to try on. Please don’t bring fragile items for this project.

  • When you drop off your designs, please be prepared to stay for 10 minutes to fill in the consent forms and credits for each of the items you bring in and for your campaign image.

  • Demographic data collected will be anonymised – collaborators will be known only by the name they wish to be known as – this could be your first name or nom d plume.

  • You are of course welcome to stay and participate as a stylist / wearer also! 

  • We will ask you some questions about your experience on the day.

  • You are welcome to use the images as long as all participants and the Citizen Stylist project are credited. 

  • If you have one, we would love to see your collection campaign image. If so, please email a jpeg to We will need all credits for the image – designer, photographer, model, year and location. This image may be used in publications and will always be fully credited. 

  • NB: Citizen Stylist is a research project created by Dr Margo Barton, Professor of Fashion at School of Design, Otago Polytechnic, and has received ethical approval through Otago Polytechnic’s Ethics committee. For further information contact Dr Margo Barton


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