How do you feel? How does it feel?

Fashion is historically critiqued and commented on from the perspective of sight, and sometimes from the craftsperson-ship or technical points of views. Rarely is fashion explored from the wearers point of view.

This creative project is my exploration into wearing, tactile aesthetics investigations and is focused on the intimate relationship between wearer and fashion object, identified as ‘the hedonic experience of touch’ (Gallace and Spence, 2011: 569).


  • To create a methodology of critiquing and reviewing fashion as displayed and worn at fashion parades and installations which will focus on the wearers point of view.

  • To use this information to publish a lexicon of wearing.

Over the next month I will post images from the wearing experiment Dunedin Citizen Styled: at the exhibition Unbound: Liberating Women - running alongside the 2018 Costume and Textile Association of New Zealand symposium, the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic from 5.30pm Friday 21st September until Thursday 18th October.

how do you feel when you wear a particular item of clothing? please respond with one word answers if possible, thank you!

how does it / do you feel in that outfit? - here are some anonymous responses to that question in a Citizen Stylist project, Sydney, Australia 2017

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