Angela's jacket - Cecily Reed linen half sleeve worn as a jacket.  Angelo's coat - Bijou Studio Bowie hero's coat @bijou_studio


Participant feedback:  
‘I want to dress like this every day.’ designer/ wearer, Vienna, 2016     

‘I love this CITIZEN STYLIST project, as it is such a great experience as designer to see the wearers’ authentic reaction to your garments.’ designer, Dunedin, 2016     

‘Love to see people playing and having such fun in these clothes! Come to Wellington!’ wearer, Dunedin, 2017


Citizen Stylist® was initiated as a response to comments from the public such as ‘love emerging fashion, but could never wear it’ and furthermore to comments from emerging designers like ‘my collection is too conceptual to be worn by anyone except models’. I see Citizen Stylist® as an opportunity to match make fashion wearers and emerging fashion designers, and at the same time to create a space for everybody who wishes to participate to have fun and to make their own meaning from the fashions provided. The project highlights and celebrates the wearers as designers of their diverse personal fashion identities.

The Citizen Stylist® project aims to challenge traditional fashion styling and fashion communication systems. Firstly to challenge the customary process of photographing fashion on people who have a similar appearance and are of a similar demographic, similar within the designers own imagery, the publication, and in some cases within a particular sector of the fashion industry. Secondly, to propose a democratic system of fashion styling and subsequent associated communications, which requires a horizontal rather than vertical approach to the landscape.

Through the collaborative process of the Citizen Stylist® project I provide a platform to explore, connect, communicate and celebrate voices of multiple designers and wearers.

My overarching aims for the impact the Citizen Stylist project has on the future of emerging designers and on wearers are threefold:

  1. To create an environment where consumers can feel confident and brave in their dressing choices by seeking out clothes, in particular emerging and independent designers wares for individual looks;

  2. For emerging and independent fashion designers to create sustainable businesses through sales to diverse consumers; and,

  3. Create an environment where the public is educated in the benefits of wearing ethical fashions designed by independent designers.

thank you

Margo Barton

Citizen Stylist® Founder